Travel Agent Commission Program

Via Airlines believes in the power of partnerships. We strive to serve communities which have demonstrated their commitment to partnering with us for the benefit of the community, including the airport’s management team, the airport’s Board of Directors or governing body, the City, the County, the local Chamber of Commerce, and the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and other stakeholders in the community as well. And we want to partner with the travel agent community too! So it is with pleasure that we offer the following commission program for you, our partner:

Effective Date: July 01, 2018
Expiry Date: To Be Determined by Via Airlines at its sole discretion.
Via Airlines reserves the right to cancel the commission program or alter the polices of the program at any time and at its sole discretion.

Commission Rate

Five (5) percent of the total base fare (5%) booked (net of taxes and fees) by an agency on Via Airlines’ website, and for which the last flight leg of an itinerary has occurred, regardless of the fare or the fare bucket.

Via Airlines will not pay a commission on bookings made through the GDS, an OTA, or the carrier’s Call Center. Additionally, Via Airlines will not pay a commission for bookings that are cancelled by the agency or the passenger, and will not pay a commission on “no shows”. Additionally, Via Airlines will not pay commission on change fees, taxes or fees, and ancillary sales, including but not limited to baggage fees, fees related to pets, or fees related to unaccompanied minors, etc.

Get Paid

Earned commission will be paid on a quarterly basis (check to be mailed, in arrears, to the agency at the address provided during registration during the month immediately following the end of the applicable quarter)

1st Quarter: January 01 - March 31
2nd Quarter: April 01 - June 30
3rd Quarter: July 01 - September 30
4th Quarter: October 01 - December 31


For agencies with multiple locations, commission will be paid only to the agency (IATA number) on file, not to each agency location. Please note: by requesting to participate in Via Airlines’ Travel Agency Commission Program the agency is agreeing to receiving marketing and promotional emails from Via Airlines from time to time.

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