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Austin, Texas

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With no shortage of history or legend, the vibrant city of Austin plays canvas to showcasing stunning outdoor settings, unique boutiques and shopping, a hip and happening art scene, and also boasts the title of Live Music Capital of the World having over 250 music venues, each showcasing both familiar as well as upcoming rising talent.

It should be no surprise that from authors and activists, artists and athletes, musicians to politicians, all, including visitors have always been drawn to this unique oasis that is eclectic, refined, and everything in-between, and is as colorful as the local talent, attractions, restaurants and hotels, that the city spotlights.

Austin is a destination that is as unique as the airline that can take you there, ViaAir.

(AUS) Austin Check In: South Terminal (next to Allegiant Airlines)
Address: Austin Bergstrom International Airport South Terminal: 10000 Logistics Lane, Austin, TX 78719
NOTICE: Please Confirm Departing Gate information upon Check-In. Gate information may change. You may also verify gate info at each airport on the Flight Information Displays located throughout the terminal.