Important Notice

Via Airlines has been acquired by Ashley Air LLC. We are not accepting any reservations at this time. For more information email us at [email protected].

About Us

ViaAir LLC is an indirect Air Carrier operating under DOT Regulation 14 CFR 380 together with its subsidiary, Charter Air Transport d.b.a. Via Airlines ("Via Airlines"), as the Direct Air Carrier ("ViaAir").

Today Via Airlines operates two distinct Air Carrier Certificates. Our FAA 121 certified airline (4VAA), which is granted authority for both Domestic and Supplemental operations, was the first airline to be certified in the FAA’s Part 5 Safety Management System, and operates a fleet of Embraer ERJ-145’s in a 50 seat configuration. Our FAA Part 135 certified airline (GN0A) operates a fleet of 30 passenger Embraer EMB-120’s, as well as, a Cessna Citation XL business jet.

We have aircraft positioned throughout the continental U.S., offering our clients the ability to travel cost-effectively, conveniently, and in comfort. We are proud to have been providing such service with excellent dispatch rate of over 98%, excellent safety record and client oriented service and support.

In ViaAir, we still believe that Air Service is a service and not just means of transportation. Our experienced team understands that client satisfaction and community support are critical to the creation of a successful flight operation. We pride ourselves at being more than just transportation; as such we always go above and beyond as proven in our excellent client satisfaction rate.

Our carrier Via Airlines was founded in 1997 and has grown to become a prominent Air Carrier. ViaAir and its subsidiaries have served the aviation industry, clients and hundreds of thousands of satisfied guests–all while maintaining one of the highest dispatch and reliability percentages in the industry, both exceeding 99%.